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Generating free and inexhuastible Energy Solution to the Challenges of Many!


OEIE enables retailers and suppliers to exchange product, price and promotion information through a shared, synchronized and secure database. We reduce cost and item mismatches are normally in the ration of 0/1 and for discrepancies.

OEIE has an advanced multiple connectivity and procurement network, which allows for quality services that makes manufacturers with multiple distribution systems and their representatives to review item, price and promotion reports for distributors by brand, retail chain or other customized criteria.


OEIE has jointly and practically automated the visibility to produce movement in and out of our various locations. We consistently support the new business processes involving the usage of Computerized SBT Delivery Software that enable increased delivery efficiencies, improved replenishment processes, reduced out-of-stocks and shrink settlement

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Solar power generation is the unprecedented, indispensable energy source for conserving our global environment for tomorrow. Unlike other energy resources such as fossil fuels, the Photovoltaic power generation system utilities the natural inexhaustible resource of sunlight, generating electricity without producing environmentally harmful compounds, leading to global warming or causing destruction of the ecosystem.

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 Renewable Energy

OEIE is proud to announce the success of her Renewable Energy Presentation at NNPC.
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Solar Estate
OEIE has successfuly completed a solar estate.
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