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About Our Company

OGINNI EVER INCREASING ENTERPRISES (OEIE) NIGERIA LIMITED was founded on the 12th of May 1998, as a major engineering company representing, a range of equipment manufacturers around the world. It has a branch company, Roal Global Corporation, in Texas, USA. The Company was however, incorporated to a limited liability company in 2004. In Nigeria, OEIE is a known provider of solar and other renewable energy products  that includes, scientific technological equipment, and rural projects-Integrations and solar integration services to multinational oil & gas companies, Federal Government and local firms alike. OEIE aim is reinvigorating solar engineering operations and support functions involving engineering design and sizing, feasibility survey, planning, procurement and construction works (services) of solar sites that will satisfy all clients’ requirements.

We have, a team of experienced electronic and electrical engineers, who specialize on solar and other renewable energy products, technicians and skilled workers drawn from various disciplines. These personnel (from various discipline) are also well trained on solar and other renewable energy sizing and services.

Technical Partners

OEIE (NIG.) LTD has foreign and local partners, some of which are listed below:

SHARP Solar in Japan. Sharp Corporation based in Japan is a leading manufacturer of solar energy products in the world. OEIE NIG. LTD has a good business relationship with since year 2003. SHARP has given OEIE NIG. LTD major distributorship of its solar products in West Africa.

XANTREX (Via AFRICAN ENERGY). OEIE NIG. LTD also has a business relationship with Xantrex, USA, the manufacturer of Xantrex Inverters through its Africa representative, the Africa Energy. Most of OEIE Staff were trained by Xantrex in Solar Energy products.

OEIE has in its kittens a wide range of affiliations in the course of procurement and installation; presently we have been given agency right for SHARP solar products, which include all forms of solar products.