OEIE has jointly and practically automated the visibility to produce movement in and out of our various locations. We consistently support the new business processes involving the usage of Computerized SBT Delivery Software that enable increased delivery efficiencies, improved replenishment processes, reduced out-of-stocks and shrink settlement Read more


OEIE method of engagement in business has greatly being geared towards having a composite relational business outline with all the aspect of engineering and installations of high flying Complex equipment and maintenance of them too. Below shows the practical algorithms of our scope of work and areas of specializations using Legal HSE patterned, after what we do.
Employees have an obligation and responsibility to be familiar with, to support and to follow these principles and guidelines and to conduct them in a lawful manner.

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This obligation is a condition of employment for ALL employees regardless of their job with the Company. From time to time, an employee may be tempted to violate the law or this Guide in an effort to "cut a corner" or otherwise do something for the benefit of the Company. Such actions would be directly contrary to Company policy. Any employee who violates this Guide or the law is acting outside the scope of his or her employment and will be subject to disciplinary action. No matter what might be perceived as the benefit to the Company or employee, employees should NEVER commit or condone violations of the law or this Guide.