OEIE Structure

OEIE method of engagement in business has greatly being geared towards having a composite relational business outline with all the aspect of engineering and installations of high flying Complex equipment and maintenance of them too.

About Our Company

 Training Arm: Training arm acquires local and oversea training on newly introduced products. Its personnel subsequently transfer the training acquire to other members of OEIE NIG. LTD. This phenomenon is known as ‘training the trainers’ system. In order to ensure an equal experience of all staff of the company, the personnel of this arm are often transferred to other arms while others are posted to replace them. This system often ensure ‘on the job training (OJT)’ of new products. The arm could also be is called as Corporate Solar Energy Training Arm (CSETA). The arm could also develop new concept and recommend the idea to management team accordingly. It could further be used to train the end-users and re-write product manual in local dialects/languages for the purpose of advertisement.

Planning Arm: Planning arm is responsible for appreciating the future requirement of customers and subsequently advise the executive arm accordingly. This arm could also plan, pre-empt our competitors’ business move and consequently plan ahead to cease initiatives from them. In order to acquire adequate experience from the other arms, members are posted from and to other arms annually expect for special reasons.

Administrative Arm: Administrative arm is responsible for day-to-day administration of the company. Its duties have to do with posting of personnel, payment of salary and enumeration and maintenance of discipline among personnel. This arm is also responsible for all legal actions of the company. Members of this arm are often rotated and posted to other arms, in order to acquire related experience.