Solar Powered Pumping Design

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Generating free and inexhuastible Energy Solution to the Challenges of Many!

Technical Capability

Solar power generation is the unprecedented, indispensable energy source for conserving our global environment for tomorrow. Unlike other energy resources such as fossil fuels, the Photovoltaic power generation system utilities the natural inexhaustible resource of sunlight, generating electricity without producing environmentally harmful compounds, leading to global warming or causing destruction of the ecosystem. Photovoltaic are tremendous solution for our society, which both demands enormous power supplies, and is obligated to conserve the earth for future generations.

A basic solar power generation system consists of solar panel, power controller and battery bank

Basic Principle.   Solar panel (which is made up of photovoltaic cells) absorbs sunray (photons) from the sun. This produces direct current (d.c) which is regulated by a regulator (in the power controller), some of the d.c is inverted to alternating current (a.c), which is used to power appliances while the rest current (d.c) is used to charge the battery bank..


Technical Partners

OEIE (NIG.) LTD has foreign and local partners, some of which are listed below:

SHARP Solar in Japan. Sharp Corporation based in Japan is a leading manufacturer of solar energy products in the world. OEIE NIG. LTD has a good business relationship with since year 2003. SHARP has given OEIE NIG. LTD major distributorship of its solar products in West Africa.

XANTREX (Via AFRICAN ENERGY). OEIE NIG. LTD also has a business relationship with Xantrex, USA, the manufacturer of Xantrex Inverters through its Africa representative, the Africa Energy. Most of OEIE Staff were trained by Xantrex in Solar Energy products.

OEIE has in its kittens a wide range of affiliations in the course of procurement and installation; presently we have been given agency right for SHARP solar products, which include all forms of solar products.